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8 September 2008

New tutorials available

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I’ve written three step-by-step tutorials. They are included in the next update to Ships², which has been submitted to Apple and will be visible in the iPhone App Store as soon as they’ve approved it. You can also read the tutorials directly on the Ships² web site, or even print them out:

  1. Level 1 takes you through the basic “one board, one shot” game, describing every shot, why I made it, what I hoped to find out, and what I deduced from the result. It will give you a good basic grasp of the mechanics that underlie all the levels.
  2. Level 2 moves up to the “one board, two shots” game, and shows the principles that need to be adopted when you get more than one answer at a time. It’ll educate you in the extra skills you need for the higher levels.
  3. Level 4 goes back to one shot at a time, but now with two boards at once. This is the other way in which Ships² adds complexity at the higher levels. Once you’ve gone through this tutorial as well, you should be in a position to master all the levels, because they all depend either on multiple shots (like Level 2) or multiple boards (like Level 4) or both.

Considered as literature, these tutorials are very boring indeed. But you don’t need to read any of them more than once. Once you’ve learnt the basic strategies, you can apply them in your own games and have fun for ever.


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